HUE Notebook & Organiser

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Land Rover Official Collection. Hue canvas note book and organiser with grey contrast stitch and versatile pocket storage. Features a HUE 166 embossed leather patch and embroidered heritage logo.

This Land Rover Hue notebook and organiser is a great way to keep all of your notes and important events well documented. Doubling up as both a diary organiser and writing pad, you can help to organise yourself so that you won't be late for any important meetings, appointments, anniversaries or birthdays, whilst also being able to take down ideas and information.The green notebook design is based on the original Series 1 HUE 166 Land Rover, and features a classy embossed leather patch and an embroidered Heritage logo. Grey stitching helps provide some contrast to the prominent green cover while the pocket storage feature allows you to store some of the essentials. This notebook organiser will help to provide a simple and effective way to keep track of all your plans and special occasions.

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