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Land Rover Official Collection. The adventures of Landy Series 1 Children's book 'Landy and the Apple Harvest'. Collect the whole series.

Embark on the exciting and intriguing adventures of Landy and friends in this children's book series written and illustrated by Veronica Lamond. Beautifully engaging and heart-warming stories for kids and an especially perfect book for bed time stories.Let your children drift off into the magical adventure with Landy, a 1956 Series 1 Land Rover and his friend Fender, a 1999 Land Rover Defender as they get up to all sorts of fun. 'Landy and the Windfalls' is another instalment of the series, following up previous titles such as 'Landy', 'Fender', 'Landy's New Home' and 'Fender's Day at the Harbour'.These stunning picture books will help capture the imagination of your children and teach them valuable lessons through real life situations displayed in a fun and loveable way, join Landy and Fender for hours of fun and family bonding.

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