Liberty Trail Bottle

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Outdoor trail bottles come in all shapes and sizes and at all prices. We decided we wanted the best and it needed to have that little something that makes it special. Rather than run straight to China and the Far East we searched the biggest outdoor market in the world, the USA, to find something unusual. This bottle is the result. It is completely BPA free and has a wide mouth, threadless design that makes cleaning easier and is ice cube friendly. It is made from recycled materials and is recyclable. We don’t think you will be disappointed with this item and have added our trade mark logo and a picture of Tommy our 1948 Land Rover to the outside. The printing is also very unusual at it is high relief which adds to the overall quality feel of this item. Features of this bottle include: - Deep drawn aluminium construction means less dents, greater durability and precision construction. Flexible Food Grade Coatings ensure no flakes or particles end up in your water. As the bottle is coated inside and out it is much better than uncoated metal which could leach heavy metal or bacteria could build up on the porous surface. The cap is a quarter turn click mechanism for easy access. It also has offset fixings for karabiner attachment to pack or belt. This allows the bottle to stay upright rather than kick out at an angle with the usual centre fixing. Holds approx .9 litres.

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