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Limited edition print by the renowned printmaker Debbie Kendall. Debbie has just completed this stunning new print that was inspired by the announcement this year that the last Land Rover Defender would be rolling off the production line, marking the end of almost 70 years of production, from the original Series 1 to the Defender. The print is called "Land Rover Life" and it's an original, hand printed, limited edition, 11 colour reduction linoprint. There are just 47 prints in the edition and no more will ever be printed because, in the making of a reduction linoprint, the lino plate is destroyed. Each one is signed and numbered by the artist. Inspired by vintage travel posters of the 1920s and 30s, Debbie wanted to create a print not just about the Land Rover and what it can do, but also a print that depicts what the Land Rover stands for and what it means to its many different owners. The print captures the spirit of epic adventures, the freedom to explore the great outdoors and the bond between dogs and their people. The phrase "Live A Life Less Ordinary" stirred up, for me, the best feelings about owning a Land Rover. Choose from framed or unframed. I included a dog in the print because, to me, dogs and Land Rovers are inseparable and it's no co-incidence that people who own both dogs and Land Rovers often speak of their vehicle and their animals in the same affectionate tones, both being faithful, hard working, characterful, individual and will go anywhere with you! As you know, there are very few vehicles that have stood such a test of time and even fewer that have transcended fashion and trends to become an iconic part of British national culture. The Land Rover's heritage of exploration and adventure and its "go anywhere, do anything" potential is an irresistible combination, evoking a sense of freedom and derring do. Its tough, rugged, no-nonsense character, combined with its no-frills, meccano-esque nuts and bolts and chunky silhouette -like a child's drawing, yet perfectly proportioned - is both timeless and distinctive.

framed in reclaimed wood. Image size: 28.5 x 38 cm (11.25” x 15”) Paper size: 38 x 48 cm (15” x 19”). Framed prints can only be shipped to UK addresses. Unframed prints will be shipped with the matt/mount to UK addresses. For deliveries to addresses outside the UK, the print will be rolled in postal tube. Prints will be delivered by courier to UK addresses in 1-2 business days and P&P/courier cost is £13.65. For addresses outside the UK shipping will be by International Tracked and Signed Airmail.

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