Range Rover Umbrella

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Land Rover Official Collection. Leather handle Range Rover umbrella with automatic opening. Comes with a Range Rover branded case. UK Delivery only

There is always a risk of the great British weather ruining an outfit you have carefully prepared, which could be detrimental to your business suit when you need to maintain a smart and professional look. With this Range Rover umbrella, help put those worries to the back of your mind and keep that professional look when venturing outdoors.Feel the quality from your fingertips with this elite leather handled umbrella. The automatic opening feature helps reassure your mind that even when the heavens open suddenly you can be able to act with speed and precision. This umbrella is an accessory you can carry with ease wherever you go, pack it away in its very own stylish Range Rover branded case and be prepared when you go on long walks, travel to work or even play golf.

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