5 Must-have accessories for your Land Rover Evoque

Introduced into the United Kingdom in the late forties, the Land Rover brand has long been seen as the epitome of British design, specialising in luxury four by four vehicles. Over the years, Land Rover models have been used as emergency vehicles, granted a Royal Warrant and more than four million of them have been bought globally.

The range has included the Defender, Discovery, Freelander and in 2011 the Evoque was introduced. The Evoque proved another hugely popular model with more than half a million sold in its first six years.

If you’re already the owner of this sought-after vehicle, or you are about to take delivery of one, there is a great range of Land Rover Evoque accessories online that you can buy to add protection or style to your car. Let’s take a look at five of them.

Valve caps

While valve caps might be seen as a simply aesthetic addition, they actually help to protect the valves of your car. But do make sure that they’re a genuine part which is befitting of your luxury vehicle.

Rubber mats

With prices starting at around thirty thousand pounds, before you add any extra options, you’ll want to make sure that you keep your precious purchase in pristine condition. Rubber mats are a great way to protect the interior of your car from dirt and general wear and tear. They can be added to just the front row or, if you regularly carry passengers in the back seats, you can add them to the second row too. You will find many of these Land Rover Evoque accessories online.


As well as accessories for the vehicle itself, there’s a great range of high quality, personal accessories available too. It's always useful to have an umbrella in the boot of the car for those unexpected rain showers, so why not choose one which is Land Rover branded? Choose a large golf umbrella for the days when you’re heading to the club or a pocket version if you’re just heading into town.

Travel mug

Nowadays, the pressure to reduce plastic waste is huge and many people are opting for a multi-use travel mug for their hot drink, so why not make it a Land Rover branded one? You can choose from ceramic or stainless-steel versions, ideal for those busy morning commutes, whether you’re in the car or not. And when the weekend arrives, they’re also a useful addition to your picnic set.


Finally, how about a Land Rover branded briefcase? If you have to lug a laptop and a mountain of files around with you, then it might as well be in a well-made, stylish and sturdy briefcase that will give you the option of hand or shoulder straps.

So, if you’re the proud owner of a Land Rover Evoque, as well as the options and upgrades you can specify when you order your car, there are a wide range of other accessories you can add yourself.