Features to consider when buying a Range Rover umbrella

Ah, the very words! Range Rover is synonymous with luxury, wealth and a little bit of bling. For those who drive round in more modest cars however, all is not lost.

Rain rain go away

Or not as the case may be! But before the heaven’s open, you might want to consider joining the Range Rover gang. And if your budget doesn’t stretch quite that far, you could always shop for accessories instead!

The rain in Spain

Admittedly, it is not a common occurrence, but if you were to open a Range Rover umbrella in any Spanish city then the brand would certainly be recognisable because of its global reach, so let’s take a look at some considerations you should factor in when buying one.

The cost

If you can’t afford a Range Rover then the chances are that you keep your finances in check. So shop savvy. You will certainly benefit from checking out other sites rather than the merchandising arm of Range Rover itself.

Get the look

For a bit of style sensation - courtesy of Range Rover - make sure your Range Rover umbrella is the real deal. Don’t be fooled by fake news and dodgy brands. Make sure you give it a thorough going over before you buy; the genuine article has a leather handle for example and, from new, comes with a branded case. It also opens automatically so you can avoid trying to put it up as you battle the elements.

Travel in style

You don’t just want to display your umbrella when you are out and about, you also want to make sure that it is suitably stored as you head to your destination. Consider an in cabin umbrella holder that fits neatly and discreetly under any front passenger seats.

Don’t be colour blind

When making your purchase it is worth bearing in mind that, unlike many other brands and many other umbrellas, they really don’t come in all the colours of the rainbow. In keeping with its sleek, professional and understated brand image, genuine Range Rover umbrellas are available in limited muted colours such as black, navy blue and racing green. You certainly won’t find any orange or pink ones and if you do, then our advice is simple - think again!

Looking good

Any Range Rover vehicle looks good; it is as simple as that. You too can look good when you sport one of its umbrellas. Whether stepping out of the latest Range Rover model or something a little more modest, you will look every inch the professional, smart and intelligent person you always knew you were!


Range Rover - as with most well-known brands - don’t just manufacture umbrellas. There are a whole host of accessories related to it for purchase. Again, our advice is to check out our range and shop smart. That and hope that it pours cats and dogs just as your umbrella arrives in the post!