How to Remain Stylish During the Winter

With the colder temperatures and shorter days, it is essential to prepare your winter wardrobe for the brutal and freezing climate.

With its bulky layers, unflattering hats and un-stylish scarves, winter wear may not excite you. After all, the last thing you want to do is disregard your sense of style completely when winter approaches. However, with our guide to how to stay stylish and warm during the winter, we are sure these fashionable garments will change your mind.

Whether a warm quilted jacket or weather-resistant boots are needed for your wardrobe to keep you warm outside, we have you covered.

The Barbour Land Rover Quilted Jacket

When two icons of British design come together to create a collection, you know the outcome will be something truly special.

This is true in the collaboration between Land Rover and Barbour, who crafted an outwear collection which is both timeless and innovative.

One of the stand-out pieces of this Autumn/Winter collection is the Barbour Land Rover quilted jacket, which blends luxury and function to create a unique jacket for the colder seasons. Filled with mixed down, this coat provides extraordinary insulation and comfort.

Whether you are on a camping trip, battling the elements in the snow or walking in the harsh winter wind, this jacket ensures you preserve your body heat.

Adjustable cuffs and a high neck help to block out the rain, extreme winds and other harsh weather to keep you cosy and dry, while zip pockets ensure your essential belongings such as your keys, wallet and phone are kept dry and secure.

Snow Boots

With the weather so unpredictable in winter, a reliable pair of snow boots is essential.

A sturdy boot will ensure you can combat sub-zero wind chill, snow or freezing rain without missing a step.

A Wool Beanie Hat

Choose a high-quality soft wool beanie in a classic shade such as navy, grey or black to keep your head warm when the freezing temperatures strike.

This style of hat is not only practical but also fashionable.

Leather Gloves

A pair of well-designed leather gloves is ideal for battling the winter weather. You may consider gloves a troublesome accessory - always being left on the train or stopping you from using your smartphone. However, designers have listened to these complaints and have the answer: tech gloves. These professional-looking gloves are something you definitely would not want to lose, with their practical technology-friendly fingertips allowing you to keep warm while accessing your smartphone on the move.

When dressing for winter, it is important to remain warm and comfortable, as appearing awkward and cold will ruin whatever ensemble you choose. Remember to layer your clothes and choose winter-appropriate thicker fabrics and accessories to ensure you stay warm.

By wearing the right winter coat, such as the Barbour Land Rover quilted jacket, and sturdy footwear, you will be well prepared for whatever the season throws at you.