Where to find the best Land Rover Evoque accessories online

The Evoque is the smallest Range Rover model currently on sale. When it was first unveiled to the press in 2011, it represented a new breed of sleek-looking and luxurious SUV. It is aimed at buyers who want their vehicle to look good; however, as it is a Land Rover, there is genuine off-road ability under the skin of the four-wheel drive versions. Those who do not intend to venture off the road can get the same style in a two-wheel drive Evoque that looks just as good.

Powered by a range of turbocharged 2.0-litre diesel and petrol engines, the top six-cylinder petrol versions match the stylish looks with sports car performance with 0-60 times of under seven seconds. If you want something that will stand out even more than the five-door, coupe and convertible versions are also available. 

New generation

A second generation Evoque model was launched in 2019 with a revised chassis offering improved ride and handling. This has a ‘mild hybrid’ system to cut CO2 emissions and is packed with other technology, including a Ground View system that lets you see what the front wheels are doing when tackling difficult terrain, which is also handy when you need to squeeze into a tight parking spot at the supermarket. To emphasise the car’s sporty credentials, automatic models have steering wheel mounted paddle shifters.

With a car as good looking as this one, it is inevitable that owners will want to look after their vehicle and perhaps personalise it, which is there is a range of Land Rover Evoque accessories online to help them do just this.

Keep it clean 

SUVs tend to appeal to people with outdoor lifestyles. Even if you do not live on a country estate, you may well have dogs or bikes to transport. To prevent your car’s carpets from getting muddy, a set of rubber mats is essential. These cover both the front and rear footwells to keep your carpets clean and are easy to remove and shake out or wash when they get dirty. They are also designed to complement the style of the vehicle, so they will look smart and won’t slip around in use.

All Evoques come fitted with smart alloy wheels. Another popular accessory is a set of specially designed valve caps. These not only have a practical purpose of keeping your valves clear of dust, dirt and grit but also they are available in a number of different styles to set your Evoque apart. You can opt for Range Rover or Land Rover logos, a unique Evoque design, or union flag motifs in both colour and monochrome. Note that you should always apply a little grease when fitting metal valve caps to prevent corrosion between the cap and the valve.