Why You Should Always Buy Original Tyre Valve Caps

Even the smallest vehicle components are designed for a purpose. If you’ve ever discovered that one of your tyre valve caps is missing, you’ve probably wondered if it’s worth replacing it. The short answer is, yes and you should always buy original tyre valve caps and not generics. Compared to the overall cost of maintenance for your Land Rover, tyre valve caps are a small price to pay to guard against future problems.

What are tyre valve caps?

One of the smallest parts of your car, the small caps are found on your tyre valve stems. The chances are you’ve mislaid one when checking your tyre pressure.

What do they do?

Tyre valve caps won’t actually prevent pressure from escaping from your tyres. However, it will protect the Schrader valve from getting contaminated with dirt and moisture which can jam the valve or prevent it from operating properly.

Why do I need them?

Whether you like to go off-roading or your tyres take a real battering on country roads, you’ll need to make sure you have good quality valve caps fitted. Otherwise you run the risk of compromising your tyre valves and your TPMS sensor.

High quality original tyre valve caps have a number of benefits, making them the smart choice when it comes to replacing lost components. After all, you wouldn’t use generic replacement parts if you wanted to keep your engine running nice and smoothly!


High quality original tyre valve caps are manufactured from metal with a washer or inner seal. This not only prevents moisture and dirt getting into the valve, but also forms a tight fitting seal that prevents your valve caps coming unscrewed over the course of thousands of miles of travel. Original caps are manufactured specifically for your make and model of car which means that they’ll fit seamlessly and securely for the long haul.

If your Land Rover is fitted with a tyre pressure monitoring system, your valve caps also play a crucial part in protecting the sensitive monitor sensor from damage. Lose a cap and you could end up with a costly repair at your next service. Buy Land Rover Discovery accessories and you’ll avoid all the problems associated with poor quality generic components.

High quality materials

Cheap valve caps are manufactured from a soft rubber compound that offers no protection. Original valves are designed and manufactured with the same care and attention to detail as the other components of your Land Rover. That means you can expect high quality and performance that’s surprisingly cost effective. It’s another great reason to buy Land Rover Discovery accessories you can rely on.


There’s no doubt that original tyre valve caps add a visual flair to your vehicle. When you buy Land Rover Discovery accessories you’ll have the choice of some cool and original designs that will visually enhance your tyres and add a different aesthetic from those bland generic rubber caps.