10 Car Models Every Land Rover Enthusiast Must Have

Collecting models of cars is a rewarding and exciting hobby, enabling you to study in vivid detail classic Land Rover vehicles. What better gift for a Land Rover enthusiast than to buy model Land Rover cars?

Here are the 10 car models every Land Rover enthusiast must have.

1. Defender Final Edition

In 2018, Land Rover resurrected the Defender with a high-performance, limited-edition model - the Final Edition. If you buy model Land Rover cars, you can ensure you always have a legendary Land Rover Defender to gaze upon.

2. Discovery Sport

The swept-back windscreen and sleek lines make this fashionable car a must-have model for Land Rover enthusiasts everywhere. A stunning scale model constructed of diecast metal in classic Corris Grey ensures this car stands out in any collection.

3. Land Rover Classic 5

This set of five classic Land Rovers reflects the best of Land Rover design over the decades and is a key addition to model car collections. Featuring the Defender Celebration series, Adventure Addition and Series I Land Rover, these cars show technical design in stunning detail.

4. Range Rover Evoque

The most successful ever Land Rover model, the Evoque is full of style, capability and technology.

Launched in 2011, this unique and contemporary Land Rover is the ideal choice for Land Rover fans.

5. Land Rover Series II Fire Appliance

A model of a truly unique utility vehicle, this Land Rover Series II car was used by the Ministry of Supply to tackle fires. Featuring details such as a hose wrapped around its bonnet and a spare wheel, this 1:76 scale Land Rover is guaranteed to be a stand-out piece for enthusiasts.

6. Series 1 Hue

Beautifully crafted and highly detailed, the Series 1 Hue Land Rover is one of the most famous Land Rovers ever made.

7. Land Rover Series II

This Land Rover model is the second release of the freshly-tooled Series II and features a different body design from the older Bronze Green model.

8. Range Rover

Crafted in diecast metal, this car model of the award-winning Range Rover is one of the flagship models in the Land Rover range.

9. Defender Pre 2000

Renowned for its ruggedness and off-road capabilities, the Defender has been exported across the world for 67 years, making it the longest-running production in the world. The Land Rover Defender is a British institution, with a model of the legendary Defender essential for any enthusiast.

10. Defender Pull Back

Durably constructed from sturdy plastic and metal, this 1:38 scale model of the Land Rover Defender Classic 2007 vehicle is ideal for Land Rover fans.

Land Rover is one the world's most beloved manufacturer of cars - and it is easy to see why. Reflecting the very finest that British engineering and design has to offer, Land Rover manufactures capable, versatile and distinctive vehicles.

Land Rover provides a wide and diverse range of model cars for an inspired and impressive collection.